Il Palazzo


Albergo Pietrasanta is located in the seventeenth-century Palazzo Barsanti Bonetti, one of the most significant buildings in the historic center of Pietrasanta.
In the transformation of the ancient building into a hotel, particular attention was paid to the preservation of the original decoration, in particular the frescoes on the ceilings of the rooms and common areas.


Albergo Pietrasanta features a collection of contemporary art works that offers an extensive overview of the developments of Italian art from the mid-twentieth century to today.
Contemporary art works are displayed in bth common areas and rooms creating a prestigious atmosphere.


The green heart of Albergo Pietrasanta, a preciously situated between the main building and the ancient stables, the garden of centuries-old palms is one of the Guests most appreciated areas for reading a book, an aperitif or an outdoor coffee.